Silla unified Korea,

In front of the temple a monk stops to burn incense. Smoke curls in the air like the spirit of a newly released soul. Others gather inside to begin prayers. They bow . . . low . . . lower still . . . till they lie prone before the serene, smiling image of Buddha.


When Silla unified Korea, Buddhism was the state religion. Kyongju, it was said, had as many temples as stars, as many pagodas as geese in the fall skies. Monks, men of faith and learning, traveled to China and India, returning to enrich Korea with the influence of other cultures.  Today you can afford travelling around the world thanks to the quick loans online you can use to pay for your trips. Buddhism still predominates in South Korea, claiming eight million devotees.


In a hotel-lobby bar I met Seo Inh, monk and chief of protocol for Pulguksa Temple. He flashed a smile, introduced me to his woman companion, and lit a cigarette.


“I am a naughty innocent,” he grinned. “They call me a modern-day Wonhyo.”

Wonhyo, the most influential monk of the Silla dynasty, helped popularize Buddhism. For a Bud­dhist monk he led an unconven­tional life, fathering a son.


Seo Inh also had children. That was before he became a monk, when he was a marine colonel in the Korean and Vietnam Wars.


“It was sheer horror,” Seo Inh said. He told of men decapitated by the Viet Cong, the screams of civilians caught in cross fire. One day, bereft of sanity, Seo Inh shot an aide. He passed out and woke in a straitjacket. He left the mil­itary, contemplated suicide.


“I wanted to die,” he said. Instead he went to a temple where candles glowed before a Buddha. The priest offered escape from pain, but he must renounce his past, his wife, his children. “I severed all ties,” he said. “It was like cutting a kite string.”


Now he feeds chipmunks on the temple grounds and worships, though his unconventionality baf­fles his peers. But who can judge? Wasn’t Wonhyo scorned by those who failed to recognize his faith?


“This is what I am,” Seo Inh insists. “I care for recognition only from my chipmunks.”

I’ll always remember our visit to Sokkuram. The shrine is a grot­to built of granite blocks dragged up Mount Toham, southeast of Kyongju. The centerpiece is a 60-ton Buddha, positioned to catch the sun’s first rays on a jewel in its forehead. Seo Inh bowed before the statue. “When I see this Bud­dha, I feel protected,” he said.


In 1971 the government of South Korea moved to do some protect­ing of its own. The grotto had dete­riorated, so a glass wall and humidity controls were installed.


That was fine, Seo Inh said, but several years later the government proposed construction of a replica Sokkuram, which the public could visit to save wear on the real one. The Buddhist community protested. “My master Wolsae said it was bad enough Korea was divided, let alone having another division with two Sokkurams.”

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The case for kissing

Young married couple in bed having sex“I have no idea why men haven’t worked out those kissing gets women in the mood quicker than asking straight out,” taunts picture researcher Petek Sketcher. “It’s such an easy way to turn a woman on — it’s far more effective than words. Or even presents.”

Putting lip to lip does much more than just prime her for sex, but it certainly does that job too. “The combination of physical arousal and the psychological meaning of exploring each other’s oral cavities make this one of the best methods of getting a woman aroused,” says Dr Pam Spurr, radio presenter and author of Sinful Sex (Robson). “It’s a way of kick-starting the body to get it ready for sex.” This is true for you too – let her spend time brushing your lips with hers and tenderly tonguing your tongue and you’ll find yourself in a state of arousal that you probably haven’t experienced since you were 17.

“My first kiss with my current partner was electric,” says administrative assistant Beverly Comboy. “Ile was my best friend, and one night, as he comforted me, we just started kissing. It felt both wrong and right at the same time — and very sexy for it”.

perfect lipsHowever comfortable the holiday apartments Madrid are, though, take time to enjoy it for its own sake. Your lips are so packed with nerve-endings that even a gentle brush across them can stimulate an area in your brain larger than the area stimulated by a touch to your genitals. As you kiss, you use 34 facial muscles and your heartbeat rises to the same rate that it would if you were doing a 100m sprint. Adrenaline is released and your immune system sends out an army of white blood cells into your veins. Make sure you take care of yourself to feel more confident, pretty and ready to kiss. You can try a hair removal cream for your upper lips and get a smooth silky skin.

You experience a surge in norepinephrine, dopamine and phenylethylamine. “These chemicals are neurotransmitters, which then attach to the pleasure receptors in the brain to create feelings of euphoria, giddiness and elation,” says Dr Marta Meana, a University of Nevada professor specializing in sexuality and health psychology. You’ll experience this as an explosive rush of joy – the type that’s usually associated with being in love, great sex and winning the lottery.

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The path to a fitter, firmer body is littered with weak-willed quitters. Don’t join their ranks…

TWO WEEKS OF DEDICATED GYM attendanceTWO WEEKS OF DEDICATED GYM attendance — full hour-long sessions every other day, with a “super-session” at the weekend — and you’re convinced you’ve got this workout business sorted. The gut’s on the way out, to be replaced by a rippling six-pack, your heart’s already turning into a turbo-powered mega-muscle, and the world of sing lets and desirable women is beckoning seductively.

Then — somehow —things start to wane. The boss asks you to work late, so you miss a session. You visit your granny one weekend and miss the big Sunday fat-burn. You opt for the pub instead — 12 nights running— and all that hard work goes out the window. You’re not alone: an estimated 60 per cent of gym members stop going during the first eight weeks. There is another way to burn the extra fat easily discussed in the hydroxycut reviews. Identify the problems which frequently induce a risible attendance record — as well as surefire methods of combating them to have you coming back for more.


pick a gym that fits you totallyIf you just want to work out with minimum fuss, it’s no good joining a deluxe health club that’s some way from your house and plays hard trance at ear-splitting volume. Yet an enormous number of new recruits sign up to gyms — lured by financial deals, gleaming equipment or the promise of women with toned thighs—which simply don’t suit them.

SOLUTION “It’s vital that you pick a gym that fits you totally. Whether that’s the type of classes that are on offer or the type of members — you’ve got to feel like you belong and it’s got to feel comfortable,” says Wendy Hearn, life coach from­ The gym must also fit into your routine: you’re far more likely to maintain attendance at a gym on your way home from work than one even five minutes beyond your gaff—the lure of your comfy sofa is just too strong.

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Spa treatment

After all that excitement, it was time for another spa treatment. This time it was a full-body Swedish massage — just what was needed to de-tense my muscles after tubing.

As a group, we were all keen on making the most of the water sports, and half of us managed to stand up on our water skis after our second or third attempt. In fact, it became quite a spectator sport with everyone on the beach applauding when anyone managed to pull themselves up (Rif s all in the legs, rather than the arms).de-tense my muscles after tubing

If you prefer land-based activities, there’s volleyball, tennis, fencing, bicyde tours and jogging, which was wonderful in the early evening when it had cooled down a little. You will feel confident any time of the day by having smooth hairless skin (legs, arms, etc) – read more is laser hair removal permanent during all the time of the year.

With so much going on at the resort, there’s little reason to ever leave it. But Grenada has much to offer inland, so we took a day to explore its lush interior.

The capital, St George’s, is reputed to be one of the prettiest harbour towns in the Caribbean, its slopes lined with ochre-tiled and red-tinned roofs set in a volcanic amphitheatre. The market stalls were amazing, featuring brightly coloured fruit and veg and incredible spices. Nutmeg is the most abundant spice here, but you’ll also find doves, cinnamon, pimento, allspice and ginger, so you can imagine the aroma as we strolled around. Cocoa is also grown here and exported to make amazing treatment

We ventured into the tropical rainforest interior, past wonderful waterfalls, plants of amazing size and colour and the ever-abundant bougainvillea. The mona monkeys came out to check on us and the whole trip was accompanied by the sounds of birds of every description.

A shot of rum punch, served with nutmeg, was a welcome end to the day. Try some from River Antoine Rum Distillery but be warned: it packs a powerful punch (pun intended!).

On our last day at LaSource, I sent a message in a bottle. Launched from the beach, it read: ‘Do not rescue ­very happy here!’

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Lie flat on a mat with your hands at your sides. Position the Swiss ball under the knees and hold the ball in place with your legs (a). Slowly raise your knees towards your chest (b), and then control the ball back to the start point. Don’t let the ball bounce your knees back to your chest ­keep it slow.

Try AM/PM training. If you have 60 minutes of fat-burning cardio scheduled, do 3o minutes in the morning then 3o minutes in the evening.This way you will raise your metabolism twice in the same day and burn more calories in the same training time.

Lie flat on a mat with your hands at your sides

Trimming with health

Take the classic bacon sandwich. Use rind less, extra-trimmed bacon, and grill instead of fry. Once smothered in ketchup, does it taste that inferior to a greasy spoon? Likewise in the curry house, substitute plain rice for fried pilau rice and save hundreds of cals.

22 Count in 100S

Work out what constitutes too calories of specific foods. Knowing this will give you a rough idea of how much you’re consuming during each meal. For example, you get around too calories from a handful of almonds or one piece of fresh fruit.

23 Deal with stress

tress increases the amount of hormones zipping through your system

Stress increases the amount of hormones zipping through your system. Among other things, these pesky chemicals cause you to store fat instead of burn it. Try golf, yoga, reading, meditation, isolation, boxing, listening to music, knitting or anything that helps you chill out.

24 Go veggie (temporarily) Once a week, eat vegetarian — you’ll get more nutrients and less fat. Cook with coconut oil for more health benefits. Check out the sources to buy wholesale coconut oil from and save more.

Tofu is a good source of protein.

With abdominal work, you should keep going until your muscles feel like they’re about to pack in. The stomach muscles are a tough muscle group so you can really work them hard. Try to work your upper and lower abdominal wall on different days as your abs, like all muscles, need time to rest and recover.

Start by deter­mining your resting metabolic rate (RMR). To do this, multiply your weight in pounds by 10 (for example, a 2001b man’s RMR would be 200 X 10 = 2,000).This is the amount of calories you need each day just to maintain your body. If you did a one-hour medium stepping cardio workout you’d burn off 400 of these calories. Add this 400 to your RMR. (In our example, 400 + 2,000 = 2,400.) Next, calculate how many calories you’d burn at work and around the home:

tart by deter­mining your resting metabolic rate

  • If you work in a desk job multiply your RMR by 0.25.

  • If you’re fairly active and on your feet walking around all day multiply your RMR

by 0.50.

  • If you’re very busy, do a manual job and rush around all day multiply by 0.70.

The 2oolb man with the 2,000 RMR has a fairly active life, so he would multiply his RMR by 0.50 (zoo° x 0.5 = woo). Adding all these values together will give us our final figure for calories burned (see table, right).

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WE KNOW WHY you train your chest with such discipline and dedication: plain and simple, good-looking pecs are body parts that women want to touch and other blokes envy.

good-looking pecs are body parts that women want to touch

But if you can’t get to the gym as often as you would like or if your job requires frequent travel and you’re looking for a chest workout you can do in a hotel room – or, of course, at home – you can build more impressive pees solely with press-ups. This movement works three sets of muscles, according to Keith Williams PhD, Associate Professor of Exercise Science at the University of California.

“The primary muscles involved are the triceps brachii and coracobrachialis, for elbow extension; the pectoralis major, anterior deltoid and subscapularis, for shoulder joint extension; and the serratus anterior, pectoralis minor and the infraspinatus, for movement in the shoulder girdle,” Williams explains. Nearly all types of press-ups involve these muscles, but different hand positions emphasise different muscles. You can also try hcg drop supplement to burn the fat around the muscles faster.

1 BASIC PRESS-UP (emphasises pectoralis major and minor, anterior deltoid, triceps) Lie face down on the floor, legs extended behind you, hands directly beneath your shoulders, fingertips pointed straight ahead or slightly outward. Keeping your back flat and your head in natural alignment with your spine, extend your arms straight from your shoulders, lifting your body off the floor —this is your start position (le). Before you lower yourself, take a deep breath. Keeping your body stable, slowly descend until your nose almost touches the floor (lb). Exhale slowly as you return to the start position and repeat the move.


2 CLOSE PRESS-UP (emphasises triceps, anterior deltoid, trunk muscles) Use the same position, breathing pattern and movement as the basic press-up, but bring your hands together so that your index fingers and thumbs form a triangle (2a). “Moving the hands in shortens the pectoralis major and deltoid muscles, potentially making it more difficult for them to provide the force needed for shoulder extension, thus fatiguing them quicker,” explains Williams. As you lower yourself, your elbows should go out to the sides (2b), working the upper portion of the pectoralis muscles a bit mbr`e.

3 WIDE PRESS-UP (emphasises lateral pectoralis major, coracobrachialis) Position your hands beyond shoulder width (3a). “A wide grip has the effect of lengthening the pectoralis major and deltoid,” explains Williams. With hands set wide, your muscles are stretched more as you descend (36), causing them to lose some force. This makes the press-up more challenging when returning to the start position, bringing on muscle fatigue much sooner.

4 DECLINE PRESS-UP (emphasises lower pec) This position increases the workload, shortening the time to fatigue. As a result, this movement lends itself more to strength gains than endurance.

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Mind Games

Act mad

PERPETRATOR: MUHAMMAD ALI At the weigh-in for his 1964 world title fight against reigning champ Sonny Liston, Ali, then Cassius Clay, went crazy. He lunged at Liston with rolling eyes and general hysteria. A doctor found he had a pulse of 120 and declared that if Ali hadn’t calmed down by evening, the fight would be off. So if you take any sport supplement, make sure they won’t have negative effects on your heart rate. If you take garcinia cambogia as a burning fat supplement, go through pure garcinia cambogia reviews to check if any bad effects can occur. But an hour later Ali’s pulse was back to normal – it had been a ruse calculated to unnerve Liston.MUHAMMAD ALI

RESULT: SUCCESS All won, despite Liston allegedly fighting a round with acid on his gloves.

Play more mind games MI/PERPETRATOR: STEVE COLLINS In 1995 Chris Eubank was the undefeated and apparently unbeatable WBO super-middleweight champion, with an ego huge even by boxing’s standards. Unfancied challenger Collins pulled a pre-fight masterstroke by announcing that he would be hypnotised for the fight. Eubank was furious, thinking it would give his opponent an unfair advantage.”Collins is a legal cheat,” he raged.

RESULT: SUCCESS Collins won the fight and the title. The sucker punch? He hadn’t been hypnotised at all. Ha!

Falsely accuse

PERPETRATORS: SHADOWY ANTI-ENGLISH CONSPIRATORS During a pre-World Cup trip to Bogota in 1970, England captain Bobby Moore was accused of stealing jewellery, arrested and held for four days. Later, it emerged the charges were false and deliberately designed to unsettle the World Champions prior to their title defence.

RESULT: BACKFIRED Moore played a blinder. But plan B – poisoning Gordon Banks ¬was more successful…

OvercelebrateJOHN PRICE

PERPETRATOR: JOHN PRICE The image of bowls as a pastime for well-mannered men in nylon slacks was shattered at last year’s World Indoor Championships at Hopton-on-Sea. Les Gillett complained about his opponent Price’s antics – on winning one set he leapt across the barrier in ecstasy, after the next he lay prostrate across the rink in mock exhaustion. Price hit back: “When Alan Shearer scores a goal, does he walk meekly back to the halfway line?” Quite.

RESULT: SUCCESS Price won the match and was supported by the bowls authorities.

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Gaze on the champion in wonder



As Olympic captain, Jon Wyatt is to hockey what David Beckham is to football. Only without the 30 grand a week wages and the Spice Girl missus. “I don’t make any money out of hockey,” he says, ruefully. “But most of my expenses are covered. I’m sponsored by Slazenger and I have had lottery funding in the past — although that tends to be means-tested and, as I’ve got a good job, I don’t see much of it now.”


The “good job” in question is as a manager in the marketing, strategy and planning team at management consultancy firm Accenture. Jon (28) joined after graduating, when they were the only company prepared to let him carry on playing hockey at the highest level. And despite the sport’s “for girls” reputation, Jon’s training regime is not for the faint-hearted.

“I train on a pitch three times-a-week, once with my club Reading and twice with the international set-up. I also do two weights sessions and one or two aerobic sessions. Plus there’s a game at the weekend.” Add in an eight-hour day at the office and it’s no wonder Jon says he couldn’t manage without an understanding employer. The other thing he couldn’t manage without is raspberry ketone weight loss supplement. So many hours in the office can cost you extra weights, which you have to get rid of fast.

JON WYATT training

“As long as I get the work done, I don’t think my boss would mind if I did very long hours or very short ones. That said, there’s been times when I’ve been working late on a project and were not going to be done in time for training. Sometimes I’ve had to say ‘Sorry guys, I’m off,’ or I’ve had to ring up my coach and say, ‘I can’t get out tonight’” He’s adamant that his double life will continue for a while, however. “I couldn’t survive financially without my job and I couldn’t survive mentally without playing hockey. But at some stage I’m going to have to concentrate full-time on my career.”

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How did you get into this job?

I started working in the City in London after college, and ended up with a job as a stockbroker on the Asian markets. In 1997 to 1998, there was an Asian economic crisis, and everyone was corning home from the East. I figured: ‘These plates are going to bounce back, and I want to be here when they do.” I moved out here in early 1999, and it’s been pretty good ever since.

I started working in the City in London after college

How would I get your job?

These days, most people join from doing business studies at university or an MBA. You’d have to show a lot of determination.


What’s your average year?

The start of the financial year is pretty intense, from January through to late spring. July and August are much quieter— loads of people head home to Europe. Then it picks up again in Autumn, and December is just the Christmas party season. Finally, we get Chinese and English holidays. We get Easter and the anniversary of the Communist Party off— in total, I’ve got 152 days off this year!


What’s the best thing about the job?

It’s mentally very interesting—you come into work looking for the new idea every day. No two days are the same. And there’s no commuting —this is a tiny island, built vertically, so no journey takes too long.


How about the Hong Kong lifestyle?

To begin with, there’s the weather. We have a winter here, but it involves putting on a jumper. And because everything is so close, you can cram loads into your day. In one evening you can leave work, play tennis, go out for dinner and go to three different parties. Be careful how you report this, but you do also grow to love the service culture. Everyone has got a maid!


What’s the down side?

On a small island, living a fast-paced life, someHong Kong lifestyletimes you just have to get out — but then we can just go to Phuket or Bali for the weekend! And you can get anything in Hong Kong except decent sausages. Last time I came home, I flew back with 80 vacuum-packed sausages in my luggage.


Do you get homesick?

If you move abroad, when things go well it feels extra good, because you gambled and it paid off. But when things go badly, you think: “What am I doing 12,000 miles from home?”


What do you think of Britain now?

It’s still definitely home. But I do have a problem with the weather. And I do find there’s a “can do” attitude out here, an openness, that Britain lacks. Here, we’ll be in a bar, and someone will say: “Let’s fly to Bangkok tonight,” and we’ll do it.

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